• 18 Jul, 2024

Top 10 crystals for a balanced life

Top Crystals for healing and happiness and how they effect you.

Bring peace and happiness back into alive and use these stones to help attract abundance prosperity manifesting goals protection and so many other wonderful things so here are my top ten crystals.

The first stone is Obsidian is the stone for truth it helps you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses protecting you from emotional exhaustion warding off negativity and allowing acceptance and forgiveness in your life.

The second stone is Himalayan salt also known as pink highlight it helps you to experience self-love and to find your sense of purpose for centuries pure salt is used for protection inside and around the home it can help purify Kleinian and remove the negativity which can be useful at home Oregon negative work environments.

The third stone is clear crystal quartz which symbolises balance clarity and purity it can be used during meditation to help amplify your vibration connect to your higher self and enhance the energy of other crystals that can absorb release and balance energy.

4th stone is selenite this turn can help calm your energy open up your awareness give you clarity of mind and clear out negativity it's a great strain to have inside the house to promote peace and positivity the big start is Emma list it's a great stone for balancing healing the mind body and soul it helps relieve emotional stress reports positive communication it also protects in a spiritual home.

At Five, amethyst is a soothing stone as it can help clear the mind of stress and sadness.

Six is citrine and I find the stone is for success and happiness it helps attract asperity abundance and good energy to you it's useful for manifesting your goals clearing any negative thinking and also raising self-confidence.

The seventh stone is black tourmaline this stone is helpful when needed for inspiration it's a channelling stone so it can help remove any negative and mental blockage, black tourmaline is specific for helping people with fears.

The eighth stone is rose quartz this is a great stone for unconditional love self-love empathy and kindness not only does rose quartz help you become loving but it also helps attract love to you.

The ninth stone is fluorite, 
Fluorite is the stone for intellect consciousness if you need help learning to understand and making decisions and manifesting your goals this stone can be very helpful.

The 10th stone is moonstone which has a very feminine energy it's a very mothering nurturing and intuitive stone it helps support inner growth and personal strength you are beginning to love and have positive emotions.

I would like to connect the earth's healing energy then these 10 stones will help improve your health and happiness.