• 16 Apr, 2024

Lybertine - The Social Event App for the Alternative Lifestyle Community

For those that embrace an alternative lifestyle, life can be hard. Trying to find social events and meetups tailored to your interests is difficult, as many platforms and apps aren't tailored to the alternative crowd. But that all changed with the launch of Lybertine, a new social event ticketing platform designed specifically for people who identify with an alternative lifestyle. Here’s why this

Are you part of the alternative lifestyle community? Then you’ll love hearing about the new social event ticketing platform, Lybertine. This app is specifically designed for those who embrace alternative lifestyles and are looking for a safe and secure way to find events in their area. Let’s find out why Lybertine has taken event ticketing to new heights.  

Lybertine’s Unique Selling Point           

What makes Lybertine stand out from other social event ticketing platforms? First, it only caters to those who embrace alternative lifestyles such as Kinksters, gothic, alternative living, basically humans that live outside the box. This means that users can find events tailored specifically to their interests without worrying about feeling judged or misunderstood. It also makes it easier for users to connect with like-minded people in their local area, which can be difficult when using more generic platforms.          


Impressive Features          

As well as providing users with access to events tailored towards their interests, Lybertine also offers some great features which make it easier than ever before to find and attend events with ease. The app allows users to browse through upcoming events nearby or further afield and even buy tickets directly through the app itself. There is also a ‘friends’ feature where users can add friends they know in real life – giving them easy access to their friends list so they can see upcoming events they might be interested in attending together.          

Secure Payments           

One of the few downsides of booking tickets via other platforms is that customers often have to provide personal information such as credit card details when making payments – leaving them vulnerable to potential scammers or fraudsters. However, this isn’t an issue on Lybertine – thanks to its secure payment system which encrypts all payments so customers can rest assured that their data remains safe at all times.          

In summary, Lybertine is a fantastic new platform designed specifically for those who identify with an alternative lifestyle – from Kinksters, gothic and alternative living, alike! Not only does it make it easier than ever before for these people to find social events tailored towards their interests but it also provides additional features such as secure payments and easy access friend lists too! So if you want to get involved in the vibrant world of alternative lifestyles then there’s no better place than Lybertine!